JNSPR founded by French couple Sarah and Tancred Vilucchi is a high standard, tasteful, yet provocative collection of “Prêt-à-Porter” for everyone.
More than a clothing brand, JNPSR is a movement that expresses what’s everyone’s dark and light side can go through in everyday life by inspiring and humorous manifesto. We believe that our messages will allow us to question and inspire the true meaning and how it relates to us.
Our garment are made in the local industry of Los Angeles with the best supima cotton sourced for our customers to assure the confort and high quality products they deserve.
As involved parents of two boys, Sarah and Tancred dedicated JNSPR’s journey to defend the right of worldwide children through multiple non-profit organization.
The first statement is to refund 1% of each product sold to Childhelp, a non-profit charity aiding victims of child abuse.
Represents the Dark side, evil, negativity, and hell.
  One of the four elements and represents freedom
as I have a great need to feel free as my tattoo on my right arm.
AIR characterizes Gemini and Aquarius (my zodiac and rising signd).
It symbolizes thought, ideas, exchanges with others, Arts but also the ability to adapt to all that surrounds us, to be sociable with a real interest for all that is human, to be supported through contact with others through communication.
JNSUIS PAS RAISONNABLE, initials and logo.
French translation of 
I am not reasonable 
Part of the Mantra ( AUM symbol in Buddhism ) customized for the brand. 
AUM is the most well-known mantra of Bodhisattva of compassion.
These tree letters symbolize body, word, and spirit.
My meeting towards Buddhism is very present in the development of my creativity.
Represents the light side, the good, the truth, positivity, and paradise.